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Franchises Available in 2020

Special diet cusomers want junk food too!!

People with allergies or vegan diets still want to enjoy takeaway foods that look and taste good just as much as anyone else. They don’t want health foods all the time.

  • Vegan Australia estimates there are 850,000 vegans nationwide in 2019.
  • 4.2 million Australians suffer from food allergies
  • Coeliac Australia estimates 2.4 million Australians suffer coeliac disease.

These numbers are increasing every year, meaning that there is a large percentage of the Australian population who’s dietary needs have been overlooked at events, fetes, fairs, markets and shops

No fast food vendors cater for everyone’s dietary needs.

No Moo 4 U is changing this with our 100% allergy free, vegan friendly soft serve ice cream, cones and toppings. Whether a customer is a vegan, vegetarian, egg allergy, nut allergy, wheat allergy, coeliac, soy allergy, dairy allergy, No Moo 4 U can cater for all of their needs.

What a great way to spend your working day bringing smiles to peoples faces.

Attributes we are looking for in our No Moo 4 U team members are a sense of humour, generosity, able to think outside the box, a good listener, love a good chat and an artistic and creative personality.

We can offer a fun, affordable business, a very passionate and supportive team and a love of all things kind to the environment and our tummies.

If you are interested in becoming a creator of No Moo 4 U smiles for kids and adults in your area who suffer food allergies or those of us who choose special diets, then get in touch!

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