Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have Coeliac Australia Accreditation?

Yes, we are Accredited and Endorsed by Coeliac Australia.

Does your icecream have sugar in it?

Absolutely! It is ice cream and it is a treat food.

Is your icecream healthy?

Ice cream is a fun food treat. It contains sugar. No Moo 4 U soft serve has no cholesterol or trans fats so it is a healthier option than other treat foods.

Does your icecream taste like regular icecream?

It sure does. In fact, customer feedback tells us it tastes even better,  without the sore tummies from indulging.

I am allergic to eggs. Are there eggs present in your ice cream and cones?

No. There are no eggs or egg products in any of No Moo 4 U products.

I am lactose intolerant, is your ice cream lactose free?

Yes. There are no dairy products in our ice cream. You can safely indulge without fear.

I have a soy allergy, are there any soy free options?

Yes, we have lots of soy-free options including delicious soy-free cones and toppings.

Is there coconut in your icecream?

No coconut is used in our products.

I am coeliac and would love an ice cream cone. Do you have gluten free cones?

Yes. Our gluten-free cones are also soy free, double roasted, and crunchy to the last bite.

Are your gluten free options certified?

Yes. All of our ingredients are certified through Australian authorities as containing no trace gluten. We take our customer’s dietary needs very seriously. We go the extra mile to ensure our gluten-free options are certified. Our staff are required to undergo Coeliac Australia food handling courses before they work with us. This gives you confidence in the safety of our treats.

Do you have a cross contamination policy?

Yes, we do. All staff have completed the Food Allergy certification and there is an allergy matrix available in our vehicles. Just ask at the counter, any questions you may have.

I have a nut allergy. Do you have crushed nuts or are nuts present in your ingredients?

There are no nuts or peanuts in our soft-serve ice cream. Almond meal is present in two toppings. We are nut aware. Please always notify staff of your dietary requirements when ordering your treats.

I follow a vegan diet. Are your icecreams really vegan?

All of our ice cream flavors and most toppings and cones are certified vegan. There are lots of vegan options available for you.

Do you supply take home tubs?

Soft serve is made with a different process to regular ice cream and can only be stored in a home freezer for up to 6 hours.

If you have any more questions about our products, please contact us on 0400 317 663