Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have Coeliac Australia Accreditation?

Yes, we are Accredited by Coeliac Australia.

I am allergic to eggs. Are there eggs present in your ice cream and cones?

No. All of our ingredients are vegan. They contain no eggs or dairy or animal products of any kind.

I am lactose intolerant and cannot have dairy. Is your ice cream dairy free?

Yes. There are no animal products or dairy products in our ice creams, cones or toppings.

I have a soy allergy, are there any soy free options?

Yes we have soy free options. All cones contain soy lecithen which is now considered safe by food authorities. If you are concerned then a cup or sundae will be safe for you.

I am coeliac and would love an ice cream cone. Do you have gluten free cones?

Yes. We stock 2 kinds of gluten free cones. A natural waffle cone and a flat top sugar cone. You can also enjoy your soft serve and toppings in cups and sundaes as well. We are searching for more gluten free cone options.

Are your gluten free options certified?

Yes. All of our ingredients are certified through Australian authorities as containing no trace gluten.

Do you have a cross contamination policy?

Yes we do. All staff have completed the Food Allergy certification and there is an allergy matrix in our vehicles. All of our gluten free food and implements are stored separately and handled with clean gloved hands.

I have a nut allergy. Do you have crushed nuts or are nuts present in your ingredients?

There are no nuts or tree nuts in our ingredients.

Do you supply take home tubs?

Yes but only in regular serves. Soft serve is made with a different process to regular ice cream and can only be stored in a home freezer for up to 6 hours.

Is it extra for sprinkles and wafers?

All cones and cups have sprinkles and fans included.

Are your containers made of plastic.

No. All of our containers, spoons, cups, gloves and rubbish bags are plant based materials that are compostable in your home compost bin.

Do you have PAYWAVE or EFTPOS?

Yes we do.

Does it cost extra for home delivery?

Home delivery is a pre-booked to your door service. There is no extra charge for this service.