About Us

No Moo 4 U is our personal story.

We understand the frustration, exclusion and disappointment experienced by families with special dietary needs when attending markets and events.

Kids and adults with food allergies and special diets want fun food too! They want flavour, excitement, colour and options. FUN FOOD!

No Moo 4 U™ was developed and grown to fill the needs of all families at events that always miss out. At No Moo 4 U™, nobody misses out anymore. We created a fun, exciting and colourful menu that is accredited, certified safe and fun.

No Moo 4 U™ is a fun, exciting and memorable experience for our customers and their families. And loads of fun for us too! Our customers love our inclusivity and return again and again with their families. Families appreciate getting a treat together in one place and everyone enjoying their food together.  Families are so happy attending an event and knowing there are options for them all in one place. That means so much.

Today we have multiple delicious, creamy, soft serve ice cream flavours, dessert options, cones, and toppings – always ensuring there is something for everybody!

No Moo 4U serves Coeliac Australia  Certified Gluten Free, Soy Free and Dairy free soft serve ice cream, cones and toppings. There are so many combinations of flavours, cones, and toppings that our customers can have something new and different every time they visit us.

We operate from colourful, visually appealing and exciting mobile food vans at markets and events.  More and more event coordinators are searching for inclusive food options for their events. We fill that need.

No Moo 4 U CEO Nicole Simpson

"The Treat Everyone Can Eat"