About Us

Our Story - Why we are different

Our family suffer dairy allergies. We could not find a single ice cream or soft serve treat for us at our local events and markets.

There were no ice cream options that were safe for us. Then we realised that other food allergy sufferers and vegans were also left with limited options. We wanted soft serve that tasted like soft serve and not something else. We wanted safe options and lots of choices. We wanted to feel valued and included.

So… we created No Moo 4 U. Friends and family loved it so much that we decided to share our joy with everyone. We source the very best ingredients to create a premium, creamy, delicious soft serve.

We included gluten free and vegan certification and now there are multiple soft serve ice cream flavours, cones and toppings for everybody!

What we hear most from our customers is: “So many options, we can’t choose!”

All of our soft serves, toppings and cone ingredients are certified vegan, gluten free, nut free and dairy free.


No Moo 4 U is environmentally responsible.

All of our packaging, gloves, garbage bags, cups and spoons are plant based and 100% compostable in your home compost bin.

Our Motto is:

"Nobody Misses Out"